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Quizgenerator allows even those who do not know programming to easily create quizzes and publish them on the Web.

1. Create a quiz

Problems can be created in a text file.
Download the template and create your problem.
*Please note that the more questions you have, the longer it will take when using the conversion tool and the uploader.

template (Japanese)    template (English)

Click hereto see samples. The options of time limit and more are added.
For options,click here.

▼Template sample

Quiz sentence for the first question
Quiz format
Correct answer
Wrong answer 1
Wrong answer 2
Wrong answer 3

Quiz sentence for the second question
Quiz format
Correct answer
Wrong answer 1
Wrong answer 2
Wrong answer 3

In the format, the next line after the "Question Format" (the one at the top of the choices) is recognized as the "correct answer".
・Other choices are regarded as incorrect answers.
・The order of the choices is displayed randomly when answering.
・Add a new line before each Quiz sentence.

2. generate quizzes using the conversion tool

Select the created question data and click the "Convert" button to generate the quiz player.
For more information on the process of conversion, see "Conversion ToolPlease refer to the page "3.
You can check the contents of the quiz you have created by clicking on the menu button below.
Preview → Displays the conversion result.
Download → Download the conversion results.
Limited publication → publish only to those who know the URL.
General Release → Open to the public on the QuizGenerator website.
*Copy and paste the tag (IFrame) for embedding the quiz for limited public use, and you can put the quiz you created on your blog or website.

Sample quiz


Quizgenerator allows you to create quizzes and publish them on the Web for free.
Making use ofMultiple MCQs,Short answerand adding option such asTime limitwill help you create advanced quizzes.


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