How to Use E-learning for Company (in-house) Training

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1) Advantages and Disadvantages of Using e-learning for Corporate (in-house) Training

E-Learning is a basic system that can distribute lecture videos of lecturers, PDF textbooks and conduct tests.

If the instructor is in a higher position in the company and it is difficult to get involved in training the employees, you can distribute lecture videos.

In addition, you can distribute PDFs that can be viewed only on the system, and prevent leaking materials outside the company.

The management of test results is automatically saved on the system, there is no need to rewrite in Excel, etc., and the e-learning system also performs the simple analysis.

This will also reduce the hurdles for developing optimal educational requirements tailored to each learner’s level of understanding.

However, it requires an operation staff who understands e-learning, and the key is to have the appropriate persons in the company.

Disadvantages include the cost of introducing an e-learning system and the necessity of creating a specific plan for its use.


2) First, consider various e-learning services

1. Investigate e-learning services and pick up services to be used in corporate training.

2. Many e-learning services have a free plan and a test environment, so let us know if you would like to consider using the service from an inquiry and confirm usability.

3. We will give explanations and presentations inside the company and determine the service to be used.

3) Flows for Corporate Training Through e-learning
1. Start using e-learning service after the budget is available.

2. Announce that corporate training will be provided through e-learning.

3. Register the user accounts who will participate in the company training, and notify the participant ID and his/her password. At that time, We recommend you to prepare the test quizzes for the operations.

4. Participants in corporate training browse and answer contents individually.

5. The manager checks the implementation status of the corporate training participants.

4) Notes for Operation

Since it is operated on the web, please manage your ID and password securely. This is true not only for administrators but also for participants. Please note that it will lead to leakage of contents for company training. We may handle some personal information (personal names and email addresses). The information handled differs for each e-learning service. Increasing security is depending on the operation of the administrator. E.g.) name and department name + number, e-mail address newly acquired free address such as Yahoo etc.

It is not suitable for practical training. It may be possible to display the practical training procedure, but it is not possible to grade the contents of the practical skill on the system.

The most frightening thing is that users haven’t taken the course because of the lack of awareness of switching from traditional corporate training to e-learning. Make announcements in various forms and let them know that you started using e-learning.

5) Case study with our learningBOX

Cross Head Co., Ltd.

As an employee learning system

Introduced as an exercise quiz for employees to acquire IT technology.