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1)Do you have something like these?

▲ Too many functions but only a few functions are involved in actual operation
▲ It is difficult to create quizzes or exercises
▲ When we see on a tablet or smartphone, it is not displayed correctly
▲ It took time and effort to conduct tests, and they have stopped using them

2) Eliminate worries with learningBOX!

◎ Screen for Intuitive Operation
◎ Create simple quizzes with text and Excel files
◎ Support tablets and smartphones use

3)Watch the video for the use in real

Simple and Affordable e-learning System


We are learningBOX




EvenYou Use learningBOX for 100 Accounts,JPY 2500 Monthly(

e-learning is now available at extremely affordable price.


4) Usage examples

a. In a company
It is used to acquire in-house certifications and necessary knowledge about the company.
The in-house test is subject to the subsidy system and can be used for new employee training.

b. At university
As a measure to acquire a national qualification, aiming to memorize and to pass the exam by repeating daily exercises.
A follow-up system is in place for students who have not progressed.

c. At school or high school
It is especially used for English language quizzes that are accepted for students of all ages.
Perfect for taking quizzes or learning while listening to English pronunciation.

How to convert the quizzes

Please use the following conversion tool “Moodle To QuizGenerator”.

To output the quiz from moodle, please refer here

Register Your Account for Free!

If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will apply your feedback for our future development.

We also are currently developing a function to convert the data of moodle quizzes into data corresponding to our learningBOX in order to smooth switching from moodle.

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