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e-learning for High School

1) What is e-learning?

▲electronic + learning

In other words, learning and education using computers.
In recent years, there are many things that can communicate with teachers to learners and learners to learners. Learning Management System (LMS) can store the learning history to help learners by finding areas where they are not proficient.
Of course, with learningBOX, you can communicate with teachers to learners and learners to learners. (message function) or linking with a learning management system (LMS) to store learners’ learning history.

2) 4 functions of learningBOX

◎ Create Quiz Easily on Web
There are 12 quiz types. We have prepared a template on the page dedicated to QuizGenerator.
Questuions is not only included text, but also images, sounds, and videos.

◎ Access Contents at Any time and Anywhere
It is a design system with a high ability to respond to smartphones and tablets. You can also use the iPhone / Android application as a customization function.

◎ Manage members in groups
Group or member is a function to set and manage the answerers such as students at the university.
Members can belong to more than one group.
Different issues can be assigned to each group, so assigning members appropriately will make it easier to assign issues.

◎ Save/Check Grades
You can check the correct answer rate for each quiz and the grade for each answer.
In addition to saving / checking results, you can output the answers in CSV format for Excel graphs.

3)Check the Video

Affordable and Simple Operation e-learning System

We are learningBOX

Even you use learningBOX with 100 accounts, JPY 2,500 Monthly(Incl.tax)

e-learning is now available atthe most affordable price beyond the expectation.

Q. How much is the cost?
A. Up to 10 people, including administrators, are free. It costs 2,500 yen per month for 11 to 100 people.
Thereafter, a monthly fee of ¥ 2,500 will be added for every 100 people.

Q. Can I register students and quizzes only one at a time?
A. First of all, students can add them by putting them together in a table format (Excel or spreadsheet).
Then, the problem registration is described and registered in one table format (Excel, spreadsheet, etc.) or text format (Notepad, Word, etc.).
In both formats, you can add quizzes later.

Q. Can I try the demo environment?
A. Up to 10 people, including the administrator, are free, so please register for free and try in the same environment as the actual production.

Q. Where can I ask a quiz if I do not understand the operation method after starting to use it?
A. You can ask quizzes by phone or email, or from the “message box” in the system.

5) Case Study (Customer Voice)

☆ Introduce to help students learn English words while enjoying them ☆

We wanted to create an environment where students could easily learn English words.
It is very popular because it can be solved anywhere with a smartphone and it is easy to work on like a game.
You can incorporate audio into the quiz, so you can check the correct pronunciation in English and use it as a listening test.

First of all, free registration!

If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to tell us. We hope to use it for future development.

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