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This is Quiz Uploader

*Note: Now You can open the access of your quiz to the public or limited members only. You can save your grade as well.
For Further Detail

Uploader (2011/08/05)

※The zip file capacity is up to 2MB.


Convert quiz → Upload → Paste the tag on the website

  1. Create a quiz player with the “Conversion Tool”.
  2. Upload with Uploader (Shown above).
  3. When uploading is complete, the embed tag will be displayed.
  4. Post tags on websites and blogs.


    • Although SCORM materials can be uploaded, they are not compatible with materials containing multiple SCOs.
    • The file size limit is limited to 2MB.
    • Edit the size of the automatically generated Iframe tag appropriately in accordance with your teaching material.
    • It grants the API of SCORM 1.2 but is incomplete. Depending on the teaching material there may be problems.
    • The grades are not collected.