The first learningBOX case study page is now available!

We have created a case study page on the learningBOX website!

We have taken the time to conduct our first case study interview with a company that uses our e-learning system learningBOX.
The memorable first one is "Mr. Shimauchi, President of Entrepreneur Factory Co.
Entrepreneur Factory Inc. is a company that plans, produces, and operates video learning content that uses video and new technology to accumulate management knowledge and accelerate the success of people and organizations by leveraging the know-how gained through more than 500 sessions of corporate training and the creation of more than 1,000 educational videos. The company plans, produces and operates video learning content with the aim of accumulating management knowledge and accelerating the success of people and organizations using video and new technologies.

It would be a shame to talk about it in detail here, so please check out our learningBOX case study page.

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