The latest version of learningBOX 1.5.3 is now available] Two-factor authentication is now available.

learning box
Latest version 1.5.3 is out!

The main additions to the new features are as follows
 two-factor authentication function
 Question Form>> Support for images with Japanese file names
 Creating problems>>QuizGenerator 5.2.10 is open
 Changed to output userID and nickname in grades>>grades list>>CSV output
 Improved the display of grades in EXCEL2016 when outputting grades>>grade details>>CSV

 About the two-factor authentication function

This is also known as two-step verification and allows you to set up your account so that you can only log in after entering your ID and password and entering the "confirmation code" that will be sent to your email. As a security measure, even if your ID and password are leaked, you can't be logged in as long as you don't know the "Confirmation Code" that will be sent to your email (you can't see the email). For more information on how to set this up, seethis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)Please check from

Question Form Supports images with Japanese file names.

Previously, images with Japanese file names were not available, but from this version, you can use them. If you upload an image with a Japanese file name, it will be automatically replaced with an alphanumeric image file name.

QuizGenerator5.2.10 released

Added support for QuizGenerator 5.2.10, which is currently the latest version. New option values such as #skip_intro_page: true (skip the first start screen) have been added.

Future Development

The next release of 1.6.0 is scheduled for early April 2018.

New features in the next version include

 Performance Ranking Function

 Subdivision of authorization

 Release of low-cost smartphone application

 Link to QuizGenerator6.0 series

 One-time password function


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