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Create the Quiz with Voice Function

We will explain how to set the quiz data for reading out sentences.

You write as follows where you want the text to be read out in the quiz text, choices, and explanations.

e.g) << Hello, Mr.John >>

1. 2 opening square brackets 2 .text to read out 3.add 2 closing square brackets.

・ If you want it to play only once, change the amounts of square brackets from 2 to 3 at 1. and 3. e.g) <<<< Hello, Mr. John >> ・

You can change the speaker. (Default setting is Joanna) For example, when changing to Nicole, write << Nicole: Hello, Mr.John >>.

(Please see the list of speakers from”here“.)

※ Note: without a license, you can only use this function up to four in one quiz set (such as in .txt at conversion). If you want to add more than 5 voices, please purchase “our license plan

Create the quiz with spreadsheet software

・When creating the quiz with spreadsheet software, add #format: table in column A of the first matrix.
・ When adding the option value, please describe from the 2nd row at A column.
・ If you do not use option value, please describe the quiz from 2nd row at A column.
-Write the quiz statement using column A without a line break.


-After writing the quiz statement in column A, write the quiz format in column B as it is enclosed in red above.


・At last, You describe the options as outlined in red above in the C, D, and E columns.

upload the quiz

・Let`s upload the quiz

・Upload the quiz using QuizGenerator Conversion Tool

・Click “Select file”, convert the quiz file and it is done.
Please have a try.