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About Mater Mode

Master mode is not designed for the exam or the examination environment but for the learning and the revision repeatedly. When you create a quiz in the Master Mode, the “Conquest Mode ” button,” Weakness Conquer Mode” button, and “Overall Revision Mode” button is displayed on the quiz starting screen as a selective option. “Overall Revision Mode” button cannot be accessed unless the conquer rate reaches 100%. In addition, there is no upper limit for the revision on the “Overall Revision Mode” button.

・”Conquest Mode” button · · · no answer/learning ongoing/wrong questions will be asked. It can not be used when the conquest rate reaches 100%.

・”Weakness Conquer Mode” button · · · · learning ongoing/prioritizing the questions with an incorrect answer.
If the conquer rate reaches 100%, 5 questions will be asked in the order of a small success rate.                                                                                         The number of questions for 5 questions (#weak_count: 5) is the default value, and you can change the number of questions by changing the number of option values.
e.g) # weak_count: 10

・”Overall Revision Mode” button: conquer rate 100% ->enable / all questions asked randomly without maximum limitation.

About conquest rate at master mode

In the master mode standard, if the correct answer is made twice for all of the questions, it will be considered as the accomplished and if the questions are correct only once in 2 attempts, it is converted as “learning ongoing”. Even if all questions are answered correctly, the conquest rate will be 50% at 100 points, and it will be 100% if you correct all questions twice. however, if you set the option value: #master_count = 1, conquest rate become 100% at one time successful attempts.

When the conquest rate reaches 100%, the “Conquest Mode” button is not accessible. Please use “Weakness Conquer Mode” button · “Overall Revision” button. There is no upper limit of %. If you want to learn from 0%, you can reset the conquest rate from 0%. Master mode saves the conquest or conquest rate with a cookie. It will be reset if you delete the cookie.
Please check below for more details on how to delete cash cookies. (※ In the case of learningBOX, if you delete the grade, the capture rate will be reset and you can learn from 0%.)


Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge



A quiz created in normal mode (upper).
A quiz created in master mode (lower).

Normal mode

  Only one button is displayed on the start screen.

  Download: original file, converted file     Open by New Window

Master mode

  Weakness conquer button

  Download: original file, converted file     Open by New Window

The setting for normal mode

When you create a quiz by specifying the normal mode, only the start button is displayed on the quiz start screen. We recommend the normal mode for tests and exams!

  • Text
  • Excel
  • Quiz Creation form

Add “#mode: normal” parameter to the header part.

#messages_intro:answer the name of the element


As you do in the text format, add #mode: normal to the header part.

1 #format:table
2 #messages_intro:answer the material
3 #mode:normal
4 C input: carbon
5 O input: oxygen

Add an option for the question generation form.
Click the “mode” in the image below and in the red frame from the additional items.


As mode option is added on “Additional Items”, please change to “Conquest Mode” → “Normal Mode”.


The display shows the Normal Mode starting display below.