Adjust Font Size in the Quiz Creation Form

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In Quiz Creation form, you can now easily edit the font properties such as
-Change the font size
-Change the font color
-Change the font to bold

Select the font to be changed

・When you do it by the mouse
1. Locate the cursor at the start point to select
2. Select a range by dragging (Move the mouse while pressing the left mouse button and release the button at the end point)

By the keyboard
1. Point the cursor at the start in order to select
2. While pressing shift, you can specify the range with the arrow and change the font size

Adjust the Font Size

① Select the size of the letter character


② Click the “Font Size”

③Specify the size


③ The font size is changed

 Change the Font Color

①Select a letter character for the color adjustment

②Click the text color at “A” mark

③Change the color of the font

 Bald the Font

①Select the letters


②Click “B” for “Bold”

④ The font is bolded.