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Feature Functions

QuizGenerator is Quiz Creation tool for PC and Smartphone Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Quiz Format

MCQ (a Single Correct Choice), MCQ ( a Single Correct Choice & Button), MCQ (a Single Correct Answer & a Pull-down List), MCQ (Multiple Correct Choices), True/False, Short Answer (a Single Answer in a Single Answer Column), Short Answer (Multiple Answers Over Multiple Columns), Fill-in-the-blank, Sequencing, Matching, Report.

Time Attack
Time-limit for answering
Distribution of  Quiz per Section
Distribute the quiz to several groups and ask the designated amount of quizzes to each group. You can categorize the quiz to the group by the level of difficulty / by per unit which prevents the quizzes from being an unbalanced distribution.
Limitation for the amount of quiz to be asked
You can set the amount of quiz from quiz pool

  • Randomizing the order of the quiz:
  • Randomizing the order of the Choices:
Re-assignment of the incorrectly answered quiz

  • Weakness conquer mode: You are asked the incorrectly answered quiz as to the prioritized order
Answer commentary

You can set the Explanation for each quiz. You can also switch the message for each right or wrong.

You can insert the voice and image for the quizzes or  the choices
Compatible devices

Compatible to Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad and for each Android Devices.

SCORM compatible

It supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, e-Learning standards. it is not only recording the score but also the answer for each quiz.

Math formula
You can write formulas in LaTeX form. Formulas are converted to images to be viewed in any browser.
Font size adjustment
You can adjust the Font size.

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