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With Smartphone / Tablet Devices

Our learning BOX is compatible with the smartphone, iphone, and tablet device, iPad. You can use the system without a compatible issue.

*This service is not using Adobe Flash.

You can solve the quiz without any issue shown below image

You can answer the quiz on learning Box with no problem

We notice you that the quiz upload is only from PC due to the system architecture.

About iOS / android application use

We create and supply customized apps for customer`s requests.

Customer who wish to gain the Web Application

We offer it as an application plan for learningBOX. By developing it as an app, it enables to deliver onto AppStore / Google Play. Of course, distribution to internal users within the company or the school is also possible. Please try a learningBox free plan up to 10 learning user accounts. Please feel free to contact us here if you would like to develop the app.

About Our Contact Info

Please send a request(+81)791-72-8421Business hours
Weekdays JST 9:00-18:00 [ Excl. Sat・Sun・Public Holiday ]