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1) Using e-learning as School Teaching Contents

In recent years, with the spread of mobile terminals, there have been many learning apps, but it has been difficult to use them directly as school learning contents. The e-learning system differs from those learning apps in that you can prepare your own quizzes and collect detailed results. However, you may have given up on the difficulties of the operation due to cost and lack of computer expertise.

For those who want to use e-learning now or in the future, we will introduce learningBOX.

2) Advantages of learningBOX

Our learningBOX developed mainly develops the following three points.

  1. Lowest price in the industry
  2. No special PC knowledge is required
  3. Customizable for customers use

Lowest Price in the Industry

learningBOX offers the e-learning system at the lowest price in the industry. You can use it for 2500 people monthly for 100 people and 30,000 yen for one year.

No Need for High IT Literacy

learningBOX allows you to create quizzes and divide users into groups, even if you do not have any IT literacy. Click here for detailed instructions



If you want to create more quizzes by increasing the capacity, use it safely on a dedicated server, change your logo or top page to a school logo or a school photo, we will offer a customized plan to meet various needs. The extra price will be charged separately, but we will guarantee you would be satisfied.

3) Examples

1. Allocate class and students as a group.

2. Place the Quiz in Different Folders for Each Grade.


Assign the third-grade problem folders to the third-grade group.

4.3 Login as a student belonging to Class 3 and look at “Solving Quiz”

Only quizzes that you have assigned, such as images, are displayed.


First, try our free plan. There is no differences from the paid plan except that the number of registered users is limited to 10 and the overall capacity is 1 GB (about 2,000 quizzes). Please consider to Switch to a paid plan after you get a good grasp by using the free plan.
Paid plan will increase the maximum number of registred users and the maximum data capacity.

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