How to Use E-learning for In-house Certification

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1)In-house Certificate

One of the points that each company must focus on when workers of various employment forms are mixed in a company is “human resource development”. In order for workers of various employment types to keep up with each other and improve the company’s sales, it is indispensable to provide education in accordance with the characteristics of the workers. In April 2016, the Career Development Promotion Subsidy was launched to support such companies.

There are 4 courses in the Career Development Promotion Subsidy, and the courses that directly lead to human resource development are “System Introduction Courses” in 4.

There are five items in the “System Introduction Course”, “In-house Certification System” is one of the systems.

2) Subsidies from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

In the “System Introduction Course”, 500,000 yen subsidy is received for each item. One of the items, the “In-house Certification System” is received by doing the following.

  1. Creat In-house Certification System
  2. Submit Notification of System Introduction / Application Plan
  3. Introduce the system
  4. Apply the System

learningBOX can be used for creating test quizzes and answering quizzes when introducing the 3. system and applying the 4. system.

3) In-house Certification Method for e-learning

If you use learningBOX, you can carry out in-house certification by the following procedure.

  1. Sign up for the admin user in learningBOX.
  2. Text files (.txt),
    Create your quiz in Excel.

    Create quizzes in a text file

  3. Upload Your Quiz
  4. Invite In-house Participants to learningBOX.
  5. Implement the Certificate Exam

4) Notes on e-learning Operation

It can be used not only for in-house certification but also for new employee training. However, please be careful not to leak information outside by publishing the test with misconfiguration. To avoid the situation, create and register a non-important quiz initially that enables both the administrator and the student to get used to the operation without having to worry about leakage outside.

In addition, we also offer a dedicated server, but it will be charged separately.