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1)About moodle

Moodle is an open-source e-learning platform. It has a relatively large number of users among the e-learning systems.
Moodle is a package that helps educators to create a quality online learning process (course). Such e-learning systems are called Learning Management System (LMS), Course Management System (CMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), or simply online education system.

* Reference from wikipedia

2) Usage Examples

As of August 2008, moodle was installed on 48420 sites over 193 countries. The actual amount of active Moodle account is unknown, but No. of the download is about 2,000 times a day. moodle can be installed as needed since it is license-free with no charge. The largest single-site has over 19,000 courses with more than 41,000 students.

*Reference from wikipedia

moodle is being developed for university operations. By Google Search, there are high school and college use, but most of the search results are from universities. Although it does not mean you cannot use moodle other than the university, however, the main target users of moodle are universities with many use case studies.

moodle’s Demo Site

You can log in to the moodle demo site from the site below.
moodle Demo Site

3)Strenght and Weakness of moodle

Because it is license-free, it can be used free of charge and can be easily installed and upgraded. Under the GPL license, users are free to download, use, modify, and even distribute. You can also get profit for the content distribution.


On the other hand, the weakness is installing a moodle requires basic knowledge of the server. Also, if you use a rental server, you may not be able to secure the operating environment.
On the operation side, there are many functions that are too much to use. As a result, the entire screen may be difficult to read or maintenance may not be sufficient.

4) Difference between open source and its counterpart

moodle is written in PHP and under the GPL license, users are free to download, use, modify, and distribute it. With this, companies can change the user interface based on moodle, remove rarely used functions, or develop and add what they think is necessary on the other hand, a system different from the original open-source Finished.

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