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1) About the Origin of e-learning

Learning and education using computers have been devised for some time, and various forms such as CAI (computer-assisted instruction or computer-aided instruction) have been developed. Then, with the development of computer-based training (CBT) and web-based training (WBT), the term e-learning emerged in the 1990s. In the United States, systems for taking the same courses over a wide area were being built using microwave and satellite communications since the 1980s, but in the 1990s, low-cost, highly interactive systems using the Internet were widely used. In Japan, the e-Japan concept launched in 2001 has attracted a wide range of people.
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2) Common use cases of e-learning

Switching from group training to in-company training

School assistance

Learning contents for qualification courses

3) Advantages and disadvantages of using e-learning

  • Study anytime and anywhere.
  • learn according to individual progress.
  • The amount of print can be reduced.
  • Results are automatically managed.
  • Cost is lower than a group education.
  • update learning contents easily.


  • Difficult to maintain motivation for learning.
  • Difficult to solve quizzes on the spot, such as quizzes and answers.
  • Difficult to Learn practical skills.
  • Time consuming for learning contents preperation or creation
  • Only data can be seen.

4) Future of e-learning Industry

The size of the e-learning market has grown steadily in recent years, with 102% to 108% over the previous year. Improvements in information and communication technology, generalization of mobile devicess (smartphones / tablets), and evolution of cloud environments enhances the improvement of e-learning. In addition, this environment is increasing the number of business in the e-learning thorogh individuals. This trend will continue and expand further.

In e-learning operation style, quizzes and users are managed by a lecturer on a PC, learning is performed by a student on a mobile device, and it will be common for student roles to be able to learn at any time and anywhere in the future.

5) About Our e-learning System

learningBOX is designed to reduce the disadvantages of teachers as much as possible. Currently, we continue to improve our system based on the feedbacks of users for better user experience. Assignment (report) submission and scoring functions will also be added! We also offer customized plans to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us about a dedicated server, iPhone / Android application development, multilingual support, etc.

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