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What is moodle?

Moodle is an open source e-learning platform. It has a relatively large number of users for a system of its kind.
Moodle is a software package that helps educators to create high quality online learning processes (courses). Such e-learning systems are called Learning Management System (LMS), Course Management System (CMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), or simply Online Education System: Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), or simply Online Education System.

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Application Examples

As of August 2008, Moodle has been installed on 48420 sites in 193 countries. The actual number of active Moodle sites is unknown, but it is downloaded about 2000 times per day. It is license-free and there are no fees, so you can install as many as you need. The largest single site has over 19,000 courses and more than 41,000 students.

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moodle has been developed with university operation in mind. In practiceSearch on GoogleThere are some high schools and colleges of technology, but most of the search results are from universities. This is not to say that it is impossible to use moodle outside of universities, but the fact is that the main target of moodle is universities, and there are many examples of university use.


The moodle demo site

You can login to the moodle demo site from the following site
moodle demo site


Strengths and weaknesses of moodle

As it is license free, it can be utilized for free and can be easily installed and upgraded. Also, under the GPL license, users are free to download, use, modify, and further distribute it. You can also charge a fee for distribution.


The weakness is that you will need to have a basic knowledge of servers to set up moodle. Also, if you are using a rental server, you may not be able to get a working environment.
In addition, from an operational standpoint, there will be many functions that will never be used because there are too many functions. As a result, the overall screen may become difficult to see and maintenance may be insufficient.


The difference between open source and enterprise developed systems

moodle is written in PHP, and under the GPL license, users are free to download, use, modify, and further distribute it. This means that companies can use moodle as a base, changing the user interface, removing features that are not used very often, or developing and adding their own features that they think are needed to make the system different from the original open source system.


About learningBOX

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