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1) What is an in-house certification?

When there is a mix of different types of workers in a company, one of the points that each company needs to focus on is human resource development. In order for workers with diverse employment statuses to work together to increase sales and develop the company, it is essential to provide training that is in line with the characteristics of the workers and allow them to improve their skills. To support such companies, the "Career Development Promotion Subsidy" was launched in April 2016.

There are four courses in this "Career Development Promotion Subsidy," and the course that is most directly related to human resource development is the "System Introduction Course," which is number 4.

There are five items in the "System Introduction Course", one of which is the "In-house Certification System".

2) Subsidies from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

In the "System Introduction Course", each item isGrant of 500,000 yenOne of the items, "In-house Certification System", can be received by One of the items, "In-house Certification System", is received by doing the following.

  1. Creation of an in-house certification system
  2. Submission of the plan for introduction and application of the system
  3. Introduction of the system
  4. Application of the system

The learningBOX can be used in the preparation of test questions and the answering of questions during 3. the introduction of the system and 4. the application of the system.

3) How to implement in-house certification through e-learning

If you are using the learningBOX, you can conduct an in-house test by following the steps below.

  1. Register an administrator in the learningBOX.
  2. A text file (.txt), a
    Excel.Create a problem.

    Create a question in a text file

    Create a question in a text file

  3. Register a problem.
  4. In-house test takers are invited to the learningBOX.
  5. Testing.

4) Notes on the operation of e-learning

It can be used not only for in-house testing but also for training of new recruits, etc. However, please be careful not to leak information to outside parties. There is a possibility that the test will be disclosed due to a mistake in the settings. As a way to avoid this, please register and answer questions that are not likely to be leaked to the outside world so that both administrators and students can get used to the operation.

We also offer dedicated server installation for an additional fee.