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1) E-learning as a school material

In recent years, with the spread of mobile devices, there have been many learning applications, but it has been difficult to use them directly as school materials. e-Learning systems are different from these learning applications in that they allow students to prepare their own questions and collect detailed grades. However, some students may have found it difficult to use due to cost or lack of computer expertise.

We would like to introduce learningBOX which we developed for those people who want to use e-learning in the future.

2) Advantages of learningBOX

The learningBOX we have developed mainly focuses on the following three points.

  1. industry's lowest price
  2. No specialized computer knowledge required
  3. Customization to suit your needs

industry's lowest price

learningBOX is the lowest price e-learning system in the industry. 2,750 yen per month or 3,300 yen per year for 100 users.

No computer expertise required

learningBOX allows you to create questions and divide users into groups without the need for computer expertise. For more informationFrom here


Customization to suit your needs

We will present you with a customized plan to meet your various needs, such as wanting to create a large number of issues with more capacity, wanting to use a dedicated server for safety, or wanting to change the logo or top page to a school emblem or school picture. There will be an additional charge for this service, but we believe you will be satisfied with it.

3) Examples of use

1. Assign classes and students as a group.

2. Place the questions in folders divided by grade level.


3. Assign the grade 3 problem folder to the grade 3 group.

4. Log in as a student belonging to Class 3, Year 3, and look at the "Solve problems" section.

Only the questions you have assigned will be displayed, as shown in the image.


Please try it for free first. There is no change from the paid plan except that the number of registered users is 10 and the capacity of registered questions is 1GB (about 2,000 questions) when you use the free plan. If you try it for free and change to a paid plan, the maximum number of registered users and the maximum capacity for registering questions will be increased, and you will be able to continue using it.

Try it for free here!