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Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning.
When considering the introduction of e-learning for training, certification, and school education, understanding the advantages and disadvantages will make the introduction and operation go smoothly.
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What are the benefits of e-learning?

First, let's look at the benefits of e-learning.

No time and place constraints

Using the Internet, e-learning allows students to take courses in their own seats without being restricted by time or location. In addition, the educator does not have to spend time and effort arranging a venue or preparing printed materials.

Learning can be tailored to the student's convenience and level of understanding

With e-learning, students can study at their own convenience. In addition, it is possible to repeat the lessons according to the level of understanding, so a high educational effect can be expected.

Effectiveness of education is not affected by the quality of teachers

In group training, the quality of the instructor may affect the effectiveness of the training, but in e-learning, all participants will receive the same content. However, with e-learning, all participants are exposed to the same content, so the content can be taught uniformly without being affected by the quality of the instructor or the environment at the time.

Quickly and thoroughly communicate urgent matters

E-learning is effective when the same information must be shared across the entire company as a matter of urgency, such as when responding to problems or new products. When time is short, especially in emergencies, you can create teaching materials and immediately train all locations.

Easy to manage participants' understanding and progress

With e-learning, you can easily manage the level of understanding and progress of your participants. This allows you to understand what the learner does not understand, so you can follow up effectively.

Tailor-made education for each student

In group education, it is not possible to provide education tailored to each individual student, and education tends to be homogeneous. On the other hand, e-learning can provide an appropriate educational program according to the attributes of each participant, so a high educational effect can be expected.


What are the disadvantages of e-learning?

Let's look at the disadvantages of e-learning.

Difficult to maintain students' motivation to learn

When introducing e-learning, it is important to consider how to increase and maintain the learning motivation of the participants.

Not suitable for teaching with practical skills and modifications

E-learning is not suitable for practical skills such as production or customer service manners that require correction of individual characteristics and habits, etc. It is necessary to prepare a method to cover this, such as using a web camera to film participants' practical skills and provide feedback.

Impossible without a network environment and office equipment

Because e-learning is education conducted via the Internet, etc., it requires a line with enough communication bandwidth to deliver the education. Also, depending on the content, office automation equipment such as speakers, headphones, and high-resolution monitors are required.

Not very effective without the right materials.

Without the necessary e-learning materials, it is difficult to provide effective training. In addition, creating the right materials for your company can be costly and time-consuming.


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