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1) The origin of e-learning

Computer-aided learning and education have been devised for some time, and various forms have been developed, including CAI (computer-assisted instruction or computer-aided instruction). Later, with the development of CBT (computer-based training) and WBT (web-based training), the term e-learning appeared in the 1990s. In the United States, a system for taking the same course over a wide area using microwave and satellite communications had been established since the 1980s, but in the 1990s, a low-cost, highly interactive system using the Internet came to be widely used. In Japan, the e-Japan concept launched in 2001 has attracted the attention of a wide range of people.

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2) General use cases of e-learning

Switching from group training to in-company training

Classroom assistance at school

Study materials for qualification courses

3) Advantages and disadvantages of using e-learning

  • You can study at your own time and place.
  • You can learn according to your individual proficiency level.
  • The amount of printed material can be reduced.
  • Grades are automatically managed.
  • It is less expensive than group training.
  • It makes it easier to update the materials.


  • It is difficult to maintain motivation to learn.
  • It is difficult to solve problems on the spot, such as questions.
  • Learning with practical skills is difficult.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and create teaching materials.
  • We only know what grades are kept as data.

4) The future of the e-learning industry

The size of the e-learning market has been steadily expanding at a rate of 102% to 108% year on year for the past several years. This is due to an environment that has the convenience of e-learning, including improvements in information and communications technology, the generalization of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and the evolution of the cloud environment. This environment has also led to an increase in the number of businesses entering the e-learning business targeting individuals. This trend will not stop and will expand further.

In the e-learning operation style, the instructor manages the questions and users on a PC, and the student learns on a mobile device, and the student can learn anytime and anywhere.

5) Introduction of our e-learning system

The learningBOX is designed to take the advantages to the next level and reduce the disadvantages for teachers as much as possible. We are still developing it based on the feedback from users, so the disadvantages will be reduced as much as possible. We are also planning to add the ability to submit and grade assignments (reports)! We also offer customized plans to meet your needs. We also offer customized plans to meet your needs, such as dedicated servers and multi-language support.

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