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Features of Quiz Creation form

We have several features for Quiz Creation form such as…..

Resize the Input Area

This feature is suitable for a long paragraph or statement that is hard to do revision with a tiny input area.

drag the red frame in the below image for the resize of the input area.

Insert An Image

Click the symbol within a red frame in the following picture.

After clicking the symbol, the modal shown below would be seen. Please click the red-framed area
After the 2nd, another modal would come up like the below image, drag & drop your image at red framed area
Double-clicking the image

You can resize the image after double-clicking

You can adjust the inserted image by dragging the rectangle area with the red-framed area

Insert a Link

Please click a chain symbol shown in red frame


The modal is displayed when you click the symbol

Linked URL, the statement on the display, a displayed title when the cursor touches the content.

Insert a Voice File

Click the “Reproduction button icon” shown in the red frame.

After clicking the icon, the modal comes up (shown in the below) and clicks the folder icon in the red frame area.

Drag the voice file and drop to the empty area shown in the red frame

Double click the dropped voice file.

The Voice file source is inserted automatically and clicks “OK” when it is ready.



There is a “preview” button at the upper right side / lower right side of the Quiz Creation Form. You can preview the quiz you make.



If there is a fatal error, the message would be appeared like below.