Let's make SCORM teaching materials.

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In this article, I'll show you how to make SCORM materials and put them on learningBOX. Originally, SCORM needs a file called imsmanifext.xml which defines the structure of the material, but learningBOX can register the material without imsmanifest.xml. For the sake of simplicity, we will skip the explanation of imsmanifest.xml.

What is SCORM?

For an overview of SCORM, seeWhat is SCORM?for more information.

About the version

The version of SCORM is assumed to be 1.2.

prerequisite knowledge

Understanding of JavaScript (ECMAScript) language specification to some extent and ability to read and understand plain programs.
Understand the basics of HTML.

Let's implement the API as soon as possible.

First, create a text file named index.html and transcribe the following source code.

The file name should not be index.html.txt etc. (Hint: Show the file extension)
The character encoding is not important because it contains only ASCII characters. However, if you make a proper content, please specify the character encoding properly.
Never put a full-width space in a blank character. Indenting with a half-width space or a tab is fine, but not a full-width space! EVER!

Let's create an archive.

Please compress index.html to create a ZIP file.

In the case of Windows, you can do it by right-clicking normally.
If you are using a Mac, please make sure to create a ZIP file that is compatible with Windows.
If you are using Linux, you can do it by yourself.

Register in the system

Upload the created ZIP file as a SCORM teaching material.


I was able to create a material that just opens and scores 99 and status is pass. Congratulations!

developmental task

  • (Easy)It's too good to get 99 points; please make teaching materials that get 100 points.
  • (Easy) Make the material to be rejected.
  • (Standard) Please make teaching materials that record browsing time.
  • (Standard) Create teaching materials that measure how many clicks a person can make in 5 seconds and send it as a score.
  • (Difficulty)Make Tetris so that your score is recorded.

    Tips for developmental issues

  • Please check the SCORM specification for the format of the browsing time.
  • Scores can only be accepted as strings of integers.
  • Normally, scores are limited to integers 0-100, but learningBOX accepts up to 2^31-1.
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