Video support for learningBOX

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Video materials have become an integral part of e-learning. In this article, we will explain how to use video materials in learningBOX.

learning boxTwo ways to embed videos in

There are two main ways to embed videos as learningBOX materials.
Upload the video to the learningBOX itself.
middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)YouTube,VimeoEmbed videos uploaded to external services such as learningBOX

How to upload a video to the learningBOX itself


  • The playback time of the video can be recorded accurately.
  • You can check if you watched it without skipping to the end.
  • You can protect your videos based on your learningBOX account.
  • It's easy to operate because you don't need to use multiple services.
  • There are no ads and you can focus on learning.
  • You can change the playback speed.


How to upload a video to an external service


  • You can deliver high quality videos even with the starter plan.


  • Depending on the external service, you may not be able to concentrate on learning due to the delivery of advertisements.
  • Usage fees for external services may be incurred separately.
  • You will have to double manage your external services and learningBOX accounts.
  • Anyone who knows the URL of the external service may be able to watch the video.

Recommended Use

If you want to use videos that have already been published on external services as teaching materials, it is convenient to embed videos that have already been published on external services as they are, but if you want to use learningBOX to distribute new videos, we recommend uploading videos to learningBOX itself. If you want to use learningBOX to deliver new videos, we recommend you to upload them to learningBOX itself. In that case, we hope you will consider using our Standard Plan.

Security and delivery stability

Video delivery from learningBOX is available through Amazon Web Services'Cloud FrontThe service is delivered from more than 100 edge locations around the world, including the Tokyo region. In addition, a one-time URL with an expiration date is generated for each user at the time of delivery.

Future update policy

  • Support for videos larger than 500MB
    We will create a system to accept videos up to about 2GB by using a pre-compression system.
  • Support for multiple bit rates
    With an eye on the 5G era, we will create a system that automatically selects from multiple delivery bit rates.
  • Support for new codecs
    Currently, we use H264, but we will continue to support codecs such as H265, VP9, and AV1.
  • Implementation of search function in video
    Automatic transcription of the audio in the video is available for search.
  • Support for subtitles
    Subtitle file registration and subtitle editing in learningBOX are realized.
  • UI implementation for full screen playback
    Enables you to change the playback speed of the video even when playing in full screen.

We are looking for developers!

If you are interested in working on a feature that will be in a future update, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for developers not only for the video feature but also for learningBOX, so please feel free to enter if you are interested.Our SiteOr.indeedPlease enter from job sites such as