About Security


As the number of leaks of personal information increases every year, we are working to strengthen our security.

I would like to explain what we are currently doing as a security measure!

Anti-hacking measures taken on the system at all times

We conduct tests using vulnerability assessment software as needed before version upgrades every four months.

◆OWASP Zed Attack Proxy

An open source vulnerability assessment software developed by hundreds of security experts.

It can detect vulnerabilities in web applications.

It has been ranked #1 or #2 in the open source security software rankings since 2013.


AWS Cloud Security

We use AWS servers provided by Amazon, which are highly reliable worldwide.

About AWS cloud security

Cloud security is a top priority for AWS, and AWS customers are the most security-conscious organizations in the

Take advantage of a data center and network architecture built to meet your requirements.

The benefit of the AWS Cloud is that it allows customers to scale and evolve their environment while maintaining a secure environment.

Because you only pay for the services you actually use, you get the security you need with no upfront investment.

You can gain and save more money than with an on-premise environment.


Enhanced security with SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are both protocols that encrypt and transmit data over the Internet.

It encrypts important data, such as personal information and credit card information.

Communication between server and PC can be done safely. It is also used in our learningBOX.



Enhanced security by adding one-time password function

A one-time password is sent by email for each login.

We have a system that allows users to use the system only when they know the number from the email and enter it.

You can introduce it.

(*You can also disable this function in the settings.)



Dedicated server x IP restriction for enhanced security

In addition, as one of the security enhancements, we have added a dedicated server plan as an option to the regular plan.

By adding this feature, you can take measures to strengthen security through IP restrictions.

If the scope of use is determined, it is possible to allow access to the site only to specific IP addresses.


About Dedicated Server Plans (You can provide services without displaying our company name or the name of the learningBOX service.

Unique URL (unique domain)

Logo installation

Linkage of top page and system login, etc.

Avoid duplicate accounts

Customization of the system

It is possible to adjust the upgrade timing.