[Tests and Examinations] How to Use Optional Values

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[Tests and Examinations] How to Use Optional Values

1. Usage scenarios

Tests at schools and cram schools
Test questions for certification and qualification examinations, etc.
Completion exams for corporate training, etc.

2. sample problems


  Here is the problem created with the option values to be set this time


3. Option value

The sample questions have option values that are commonly used for testing.
See the table below for the option values you have set.

options Set value (unit) contents
#mode nomal
#question_count 10 (number of problems) maximum number of questions required to be answered
#passing_score 80 (Points) passing mark
#time_limit 300 (sec) time limit
#show_correct_answer false Indication of correct or incorrect answers
#show_instant_result false Indication of correct and incorrect answers for each question
#hide_mark_button true Display of scoring buttons
#movable true Go to previous/next question
#show_seigo_count false Display of the number of correct errors
#messages_passed_title Passed (word) Title of the pass screen
#messages_failed_title Rejected (word) Rejected screen title

In addition, "#time_limit_mode (set a time limit for each question)", "#partial_score (partial score function)" and "##suspendable(Interrupt and resume function)" and many other optional values are available, so you can combine them to create your original teaching materials.
For other option values, see list of options

4. Use templates for easy setup!

This template file describes the above option values.
You can easily create test questions by importing or editing a template file.

▼ WEB Form
Attached file (text)and import the file into LearningBOX. The option values are set, so you can create and use your own questions.
▼ Text (.txt)
Attached file (text)to download and use the software.
▼ Excel (.xlsx)
Attached Excel (Excel)to download and use the software.


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