Editing text in the question creation form

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In the question creation form, you can easily edit the text by adding ruby or making the text thicker.
(*When editing text with text, you can edit it in the same way by using HTML tags)

change the text to bold

1. Select the text you want to change to bold, and click B in the red frame.



2. The text will be bolded as shown below.



write ruby characters (small furigana above or beside kanji)

1. Select the kanji you want to add ruby to, and click on the ruby in the red frame.


Write the furigana in the frame of the ruby as shown below.



3. You can add Ruby to Kanji characters.




Underline (underline)

1. Select the text you want to underline, and click on the area surrounded by a red frame.


You can draw an underline as shown below. 2.


Enclose with BOX frame

1. Click on the red frame, and the rectangle surrounded by a blue frame will be displayed.



2. Write the text you want to put in the rectangle surrounded by the blue frame.



Change the color of the text

1. Select the text you want to change the color of, and click "A" surrounded by a red frame. Select the color you want to change.




2. The color of the text changes as shown below.




Create a question using a table

1. Click on the table in the red frame. Select the number of squares in the table you want to create.



2. A blank table will be displayed, and you can set the outer frame and color from the red frame.


2. The following is a sample of what we created.
You can also change other settings such as table size, cell width, border and background color.
The use of tables also broadens the scope of the problem.