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High Capacity Video Plan

learningBOX has a High Capacity Video Plan. By using the High Capacity Video Plan, the file size limit per video is reduced and the total amount of content that can be uploaded is also reduced.

plan Regular Plan High Capacity Video Plan
total capacity 10GB x N 100GB x N
Maximum per video 30MB 500MB
Annual fee 30,000 yen × N 90,000 yen × N

For 100 people, N is 1. For 500 people, N is 5.

Maximum number of videos that can be used for 100 regular and large capacity video plans

The capacity of the video varies greatly depending on the picture quality. In case of terrestrial digital, it is about 10-14Mbps, and in case of BS digital, it is up to 24Mbps; in case of 24Mbps, it is 3MB per second, or 180MB per minute, and the normal plan can only support 10 seconds, and the large capacity video plan can only support less than 3 minutes. On the other hand, 1seg TV broadcasting is 128kbps (0.128Mbps), and TV phone is 32kbps (0.03Mbps) to 64kbps (0.06Mbps), which is quite small capacity, and with 64kbps, you can upload 1 hour video even with normal plan.

When you upload your video to learningBOX, the bit rate is adjusted to about 200kbps by the delivery service. You can use the service to the maximum extent if you encode the video to the bit rate of about 200kbps with the screen size of 640*360 and 30 frames per second before uploading. However, we are planning to revise the delivery quality upwards and support more efficient encoding such as H265 in the future. Also, even at the same bitrate, the quality may be lower depending on the software and encoding used, so we recommend registering videos at 1280*720, 30 frames per second, or 1Mbps.

Maximum time per bottle

plan Regular Plan High Capacity Video Plan  
24Mbps Ten seconds. 167 seconds excess quality
4Mbps one minute 16 minutes excess quality
2Mbps 2 minutes Thirty-three minutes. excess quality
1Mbps Four minutes. 67 min. recommendation
500 kbps Eight minutes. 127 minutes recommendation
200 kbps 20 minutes. 333 minutes recommendation
100 kbps 40 minutes. 666 min. low image quality (film, video, etc.)

Total time of video that can be uploaded to the system

plan Regular Plan High Capacity Video Plan  
24Mbps 56 minutes. 556 minutes. excess quality
4Mbps 5.6 hours 56 hours. excess quality
2Mbps 11 hours. 111 hours excess quality
1Mbps 22 hours. 222 hours recommendation
500 kbps 44 hours. 444 hours recommendation
200 kbps 111 hours 1111 hours recommendation
100 kbps 222 hours 2222 hrs. low image quality (film, video, etc.)