Comparison between QuizGenerator and QuizGenerator (beta)

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QuizGeneratorandQuizGenerator (beta)This is a comparison of

QuizGeneratoris a quiz creation "only" service, it does not manage accounts or grades.

QuizGenerator (beta)is a service that provides all the functions of a learning management system (LMS), including question registration, account management, and grade management, and can be used free of charge for up to 10 accounts. If you need more accounts, you can use the service for 2500 yen per month per 100 users (payable in yearly units; for 100 users, the annual fee is 30,000 yen including tax).
You can use the same question source file (text or spreadsheet) as QuizGenerator.

 QuizGenerator - Question Generator Service
QuizGenerator(beta) - Learning Management System (LMS)
setting a question (for an exam)p-sound
9 types of questionsp-sound
random assignmentp-sound
master modep-sound
Management of members and groupsp-sound
Grade Managementp-sound
One-time testp-sound
Course Creationp-sound
Use of YouTube videos(Can be used for problem statements)detail(It is possible to control the system so that the user can move on to the problem after watching the video of the teaching material.detail
PDF teaching materials○ (It is possible to control the learning by PDF before proceeding to the question.
Restrictions on the scope of publication(If you know the URL, you can see it)detail○ (It is possible to make it public only to the specific group member who invited it by oneself.detail
free use0 (Our name will be credited on the question start screen)0 (up to 10 people)
Paid version (tax included)For 21,600 yen/year, you can hide the credit notation.detailFor 30,000 yen/year, up to 100 people can use this service.

9 types of questions: Selective questions, Selective questions (quick mode), Multiple-choice questions, Short answer questions, Multiple-choice questions, Correct/incorrect questions, Fill-in-the-blank questions, Sorting questions, Combination questions.

◎Random questions・・・You can ask 10 registered questions in random order, or 10 questions from 100 questions in random order.

◎Master Mode: When you create a quiz, a Complete Strategy button and a Thorough Review button will appear on the quiz start screen. If you click the Complete strategy button, only questions that you have never answered correctly before will be given. If you click the thorough review button, questions you are not good at (questions you made mistakes) will be given priority.

◎One-time test... Simply put, it is a "test". You can take the course only once, and you can set not to open the quiz after the second time.

◎Create a course... You can set a limit, such as "You cannot move on to the next problem until you have solved all the problems.