How QuizGenerator(beta) is used

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It has been more than half a year since the release of learningBOX, and it is mainly used for the following purposes.

As a preparation for qualification

It is often used as a preparation for national examinations (bar examinations, information processing engineers, home construction, nursing care workers, etc.) and private examinations such as LPIC.
There are cases where companies are using it for in-house education, universities are using it as a visual countermeasure for students, and companies are providing educational services to the outside world.

As a preparation for high school and university entrance examinations

There are many examples of cram schools and schools using this system to provide teaching materials for the five basic subjects.

As in-house training

There are many examples of e-learning being used to enforce internal rules and to certify internal certification. There are many cases where e-learning is used for in-house training to acquire and maintain the Privacy Mark and ISMS.

As a quiz.

In some cases, the quizzes are not used for learning, but simply for fun. In most cases, these users are using the free plan for this purpose.