Introduction of new features in QuizGenerator(beta) 1.2.0: Course Function


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 Course Restriction Function 

"I won't let you do _____ until you've done all the problems!" You can set limits such as

For example, you will be able to set up the following courses.

  You can solve problem B because you have viewed the PDF of A.
  Because you have viewed the video in A, you can view the PDF in B.
  You'll get a certificate for passing the A test.



Examples of Course Use

[Cram school]

You can set up a period of time and share a folder with a group of people at the beginning of each month as "Study materials for the month". There are PDFs and Youtube videos for each subject, and after viewing all of them, you can proceed to the exercises for each subject.

The passing score of the exercises is set as 100%, which is the achievement rate, and the students cannot take the final confirmation test until they pass all the exercises.


The course materials are distributed at each lecture date and time. At the end of the lecture, students are asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding the content of today's class and complete exercises to confirm the content of the class.

After the lecture, the distribution period has passed and the questions are already set to be unavailable.


Distribute materials during the training period. Exercises and tests are distributed using the certificate function for the internal certification system.

Only those who pass the test will be able to obtain and view the certificate.