About the question display in QuizGenerator(beta) version 1.2.0


The version of learningBOX was updated to 1.2.0 on February 9, 2017.
As a result, it is reported that "Solve a problem" for administrators (all users with permissions from new registration) does not show the problem anymore.
This is due to a change in the admin specs when updating to version 1.2.0.
The steps to solve the problem are as follows.

  1. At the bottom of the group list in the "Invite and edit members" section, you should see a group named "Administration group" and an administrator registered in it.

    This is a group that is added automatically

  2. In the "Manage and create issues" section, right-click on the issue folder that you want to make visible to administrators, or click Edit on the right, and then click "Group share".

    Editing position and group sharing position

  3. By saving the "admin group" as a shared target, the problem will be visible to the administrator.

    group sharing

In version 1.2.0, we changed the specification of "Solve a Problem" so that administrators work the same as users. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your continued support.