Why build your eLearning system on your intranet?

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The reasons for building an e-learning system on an intranet (corporate network = on-premise) in the age of the cloud are as follows.

  • To make them learn what must never be divulged to the outside world.
    For general e-learning, even cloud-based e-learning can be sufficiently protected against information leaks by using SSL and using reliable data centers and operators.
    But is it appropriate to deliver, for example, SDF training content from Amazon's data centers? http://AmazonにはAWS GovCloudThere is also a service for US government organizations called "The Cloud", and eventually there may be a cloud for Japanese government organizations. However, at the moment, there is no public cloud that can handle Japan's national secrets, and it is possible that an intranet e-learning system will be needed for these applications.
  • To allow learning materials, including high quality videos, to be taught at large scale locations
    You want to provide e-learning materials using video in an office of several thousand to several tens of thousands of people. In such a case, it is not appropriate to place the videos on the cloud and have the students take them all at once, considering the load on the network. It is not uncommon for a large corporation to have an internal network with a high bandwidth of 10 Gbps or more, but communication over the Internet is best-effort, and is slower and less reliable than an internal corporate network. Therefore, if you want to use e-learning materials, including video content, in a single, large-scale location, it is realistic to build an intranet e-learning system.
  • That said, the cloud is often more suitable than on-premise
    Conversely, except in the above cases, it is more economical and less time-consuming to use the cloud to build an e-learning system. Even if you have tens of thousands of employees, if you want to learn from sales offices all over the country, intranet type is not recommended in terms of cost and stability.

    If you would like to order the intra version
    As of October 2018, we are using learningBOX primarily in a cloud environment (Amazon Web ServicesIf you would like to deploy learningBOX in your intranet (on-premise) environment, please contact us.consultationWe would be happy to help you. Contact us atthis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)From.

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    Published February 21, 2017
    October 18, 2018, with additions.