• Change the title and start message, and limit the time and number of questions.

By describing the option values, you can change the title and starting message, time limit, number of questions limit, and various other customizations.

How to set the option value

Put the following at the beginning of the question text (quiz.txt) in the format "# attribute name:value".

#title:_______(← Name of the page title of the quiz)
#messages_intro:______(←Message displayed on the first page)
#time_limit:____(← Number of seconds.)
#question_count:_____ (← Upper limit of the number of questions)

item name default value Description.
title Quiz The title of the quiz, used for the SCORM imsmanifest.xml and the title of the page.
messages_intro Click the Start button to start the quiz! This is the message displayed at the start.
time_limit 0 This is the time limit for answering. The unit is seconds. If you set it to 0, there is no time limit.
question_count If you do not set a value, all questions will be asked.

Quiz with set option values

The following quiz is

Title: "Prefecture Quiz Simplified Version
Start message "Prefecture Quiz Simplified Version
Time limit "60".
Number of questions limit "1".

It is set to


  Prefecture Quiz Simplified Version

  Download: source file, converted file     Open in a new window


To create a question in tabular format, write "#format:table" at the beginning of the file, with the optional values on the second and subsequent lines, one by one.

A b C d e f
1 #format:table
2 #question_count:10
3 #messages_intro:Click on the Start button to start!
4 #time_limit:60
5 Choose the capital city of Japan. sa: Tokyo Osaka Kobe Kyoto
6 Choose the capital city of Mexico. sa: Carbon dioxide Nitrogen State of Mexico Guanajuato
7 Choose the capital city of Italy. sa: Rome Milan Naples Turin
8 Choose the capital city of Australia. sa: Canberra Sydney Rome Brisbane
9 Choose the capital city of Thailand. sa: Bangkok Nonthaburi Songkhla Chonburi

Various optional values are available

You can create more flexible quizzes by setting optional values.
The list of optional items is list of optionsfor more information.