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1: Do you have any problems with this?

▲There are so many unused functions that only a few can be involved in operations.
▲It's too hard to make questions and create exercises
▲It's not displayed correctly when viewed on a tablet or smartphone.
▲It takes a lot of time and effort to run tests, so we don't use them anymore.

2:learningBOX is the answer to your problems!

Intuitive screen
◎Easy problem creation with text files and Excel files
◎Fully compatible with tablets and smartphones

3: Examples of use

a. In companies
It is used for internal certification and to acquire necessary knowledge about the company.
In-house certification is eligible for subsidies and can be used for new employee training.

b. in college.
As a measure to acquire the national qualification, we aim to fix the memory and pass the examination by accumulating daily exercises.
A follow-up system is in place for students who are not making progress in the exercises.

c. At a tutoring school or high school
It is especially used for English language problems and is popular with students of all ages.
It is ideal for taking quizzes and listening to English pronunciation.

How to convert a problem

You can use the following conversion tool "Moodle To QuizGenerator".

For more information on how to output questions from moodle, see list of optionsfor more information.

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