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1) Advantages and disadvantages of using e-learning for corporate (in-company) training

E-learning is a basic system that allows you to watch videos of instructors' lectures, distribute PDF textbooks for study, and administer tests.

If the lecturer is in an important position within the company and is unable to provide training, it is possible to distribute lecture videos of the same quality by maintaining them once in the form of lecture videos.

It is also possible to distribute PDF files for study that can only be viewed on the system, preventing materials from being leaked outside the company.

The test results are automatically saved in the system, so there is no need to transcribe them into Excel, etc. The e-learning system will also perform simple analysis.

This also makes it less of a hurdle to formulate an optimal educational strategy that is tailored to each learner's level of understanding.

However, you will need someone in charge of operations who understands e-learning, and having the right people in your company is key.

The disadvantages include the cost of implementing an e-learning system and the need to create a specific plan for using the system.


2) First, consider various e-learning services

1. Research e-learning services and pick a service to use for corporate training.

Many e-learning services offer free plans and test environments, so please contact us and let us know that you are interested in using our services, so that we can confirm their usability.

3. We will conduct internal explanations and presentations to determine the services to be used.


3) Flow of implementing corporate training through e-learning

1. We will start using the service as soon as the budget is approved.

2. Make it known that corporate training will be conducted through e-learning.

3. Register the accounts of the people who will participate in the corporate training, and notify the people who will participate of their IDs and passwords. At that time, it is a good idea to know the test questions for studying simple operation.

4. Corporate training participants will be able to view and answer the materials and questions individually.

5. The manager will check the implementation status of the corporate training participants.

4) Operational Precautions

Since this is a web-based operation, please manage your ID and password carefully. This applies not only to the administrators but also to the participants. Please be aware that this will lead to the leakage of materials used for corporate training. We may also handle some personal information (personal names and email addresses). The information to be handled varies with each e-learning service. It is possible to increase security depending on the operation of the administrator. (For example, you can change your name to the name of your department plus a number, and change your email address to a free address such as Yahoo.)

This is not suitable for practical training involving hands-on skills. It may be possible to display the practical training procedures, but due to the nature of the system, it is not possible to grade the content of the practical training.

The most frightening thing is non-enrollment due to lack of awareness of the switch from traditional corporate training to e-learning. Please make sure that people know that you have started to operate e-learning through various forms of notification.

5) Case study in our learningBOX

Cross Head Corporation

As a learning system for employees

Introduced as an exercise system for employees to learn IT-related skills.