• Create a survey

The learningBOX allows you to easily create a survey. It can be used at the end of a quiz, after a class, or after a training session.

I'd love to see you create one!

  • questionnaire form


first of all list of optionsto download the file. After downloading, unzip the file.
In the unzipped folder, there are two files, "sample.html" and "form.html". First, let's open "sample.html" with a browser.


I think that the screen like the image above is opened. Please touch this one.

Then, let's open "form.html" in a browser.

questionnaire format

This will open a screen that contains the question format that you think will be used most often.


Create a questionnaire based on "form.html".
Right-click on "form.html" and select "Open from this application" to open it in your editor (Atom, Xcode, Hidemaru, etc.).

form.html" opened in Atom

If you have never touched the program, you may not understand what it is, but the parts surrounded by colored frames are linked to each other.


Editor side

The part entered in white characters on the editor side is the character displayed on the browser side. Please rewrite only that part according to your request.

This is followed by a question-by-question explanation.

input type

Questions are entered in the area between

. If you want to copy more questions, please copy them including

Also, the part to be rewritten is the part surrounded by a colored frame.
red frameis the same as before, and is the text displayed in the browser.
green squareIf you enter "data-required="true"" enclosed in "*", the answer will be required.
blue frameis the blue box in the image below that appears when you look at your answer results in learningBOX.

Answer results in the learningBOX

Be careful not to set the same name in the blue frame part, because it will mix up the answers.

orange (colour, color)frame shows the part of the image below in the case of pull-down, multiple selection, and radio button formats.

Rewrite the part between the " ".

What you see on the right side of the frame is the part that is displayed in the browser. Even if it appears as a different option on the screen, the answer that is saved when you select it is the text in the frame.

Then, copy and rewrite the questions you need and save them.

When you get used to it, you can see how "sample.html" is made by comparing the editor side and the browser side. You will be able to prepare multiple answer formats for a single question. Of course, you can rewrite it and use it as it is.

Sign up for the learningBOX

1. Click the + sign under "Manage and Create Questions" and then click "Add Teaching Materials" or "Import Survey Form".

It will be easier to manage them later after you move them to the folder you want to register.

2. Enter a name, select the .html file you want to register from "Select File" and click Save.
That's it, you're done.

1. Log in and click "Content Management" in the sidebar or the red frame on My Page.


2. Click the menu button (+ button) on the content management screen, then "Add Teaching Materials", then "Create Survey".


3. The following survey creation form will appear.


4. Write the description as shown in the following image.

Red box... Fill in the section name of the questionnaire.

Orange frame・・・Please fill in the contents of the question (If there is a supplementary explanation, please fill it in.)

Blue frame・・・Choose the format of the choice. (In this case, I have selected the choice format)

Green box: Fill in the options (one item per line with a line break)

If you check the "Required" box, you will not be able to submit the form until you answer the question.

You can add a question with the blue button at the bottom right, or add a section with the red button.


5. The button label in the red frame below can be changed freely. The standard label is "Submit".



Once you have completed the questionnaire, click "Save as Private" or "Save and Publish" in the red frame below to complete.



7. The following is the completed questionnaire.