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Create video quiz with text

1. Create a question with text. The video should be written in tag as shown in the red frame in the image below.
The "movie" part of the tag should be the file name of the video, and the "mp4" part should be the format of the video.
Please input the number of your favorite size because height=200 is a size specification.

2. Compress the question data and the video file together (zip format).

3. Upload and convert the zip file with the conversion tool of QuizGenerator.




The conversion is complete. The following screen is displayed.

The one you created.  list of options You can check it out from!


▼ You can also import the zip file you have just created into learningBOX.


Create a video question on YouTube

1. Go to YouTube. Select the video you want to post and click the red frame in the image below. When you click on it, you will see a screen that says "Embed Video". Please copy this page.

2. Sample quiz with inserted video of Tatsuno Information System

If you want to embed the video in the commentary using a text file, please paste the red frame in the image below into the area surrounded by the blue frame

What we have created is list of options.

Sample quiz with video

Sample quiz