• It does not work to create a quiz in a CSV file.

Q. I downloaded the CSV format, but it fails when I edit and upload it. Is the setting here (Excel 2013) incorrect?

A. When you save and open your data, theIn some cases, all data from column B to column F has been entered into column A.
Here are the steps to follow after you open it when this happens.

(i)Create a problem in Excel" pageExecute "1. Download the Excel format" in the
Open the downloaded CSV file (Excel 2013)
At this point, it is assumed that all the data has been entered in column A. In that case, please take the following actions.
Select all of column A
Select "Data" in the menu.
(5) Select "Separation Position" in "Data".
(6) Select "Data separated by a comma, tab, or other delimiter" and click "Next.
(7) Check "Tab" and "Comma" in the check box of the separator, and click "Next".
Select "G/Standard" in the data format of column (8) and click "Next".
(9) Press "Done".
(10) "You already have data, do you want to replace it? Click "OK" in "10.

If you try this, you can see the format of table format. (Maximum column: F, up to 19 rows)

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