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Speech Synthesis Function

Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the voice read out function for the question text?
For example, using the speech-to-speech feature on an English problem statement would come in handy!!!
We will explain how to create a problem as soon as possible.
This time, let's create it using spreadsheet software.â

Text-To-Speech function is not available in the following areas.
Supplementary Explanation just before the Selection
Pull-down problem
Combination problem

Description of the problem with voice

The description to make the text read out loud to the question data is done.
At the point in the question text, choices, and explanations where the text is read, write the following

(1) Two square brackets at the beginning (2) The sentence to be read out loud (3) Two square brackets at the end.
Please make sure to enter in half-width characters (including symbols).

To make it a one-time playback, change the square brackets in (1) and (3) from two to three.

The speaker can also be changed (default is Joanna). (Default is Joanna) be the speaker, you can use<>It is described as
(For a list of speakers, seeFrom herePlease see :)

If you do not have a QuizGenerator license, you can only set up to 4 of these features in a single question set (e.g. in a .txt file during conversion).
To set up more than five voices, use thelicense agreementplease.

Create with spreadsheet software

If you are using spreadsheet software, use column A of the first row.#format:tablePlease describe it as
To add an option value, please start from the second line, column A, and write it down.
If you do not use option values, describe the problem starting at line 2, column A.
Please write the problem text using only column A without line breaks.



After describing the problem statement in column A, describe the problem format in column B as circled in red above.


Finally, in columns C, D, and E, write the choices as circled in red above.

Upload a question

Upload the created question file with QuizGenerator's conversion tool.
Click "Choose File" to convert the file for the problem you created and complete the process.
Quizgenerator-Conversion tool