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QuizGenerator's easy, 13 different quiz formats

About the quiz formats

You can create quizzes, questions, and tests from 13 different quiz formats.


Multi-choice question (radio button)

Choose one correct answer from multiple choices. You can create three-choice questions, four-choice questions, and so on. For more information  Multi-choice question (radio button)  for more information.


Multi-choice question (button: quick mode)

Choose one correct answer button from multiple choices. The button itself is a button to submit, so you can answer and see the result with one click. So your study might speed up. For more information Multi-choice question (button: quick)


True / false question (○× questions)

Choosing true or false in response to a question sentence with "0" or "X". For details True/False for more information.


Multi-MCQs question

Choose multiple correct answers from multiple choices. For more information, see Multi-MCQs question


Short answer

Typing in a correct answer in response to a question. You can set multiple acceptable answers. In addition, there are some options including "Ignore uppercase and lowercase letters", "Ignore number of spaces", and "Ignore leading and trailing whitespace".
For more information. Short answer


Short answer +

Typing in multiple correct answers in response to a question. The correct answers should not be subjected by the order such as "USA, Canada, Russia", "Canada, USA, Russia", or "USA, Russia, Canada" as below. For more information. Short answer +


Multi short answers

Typing in multiple correct answers in response to a question into individual lines. You can create the answer fields up to max. 20. For more information Multi short answers



Sorting out the correct answers into the blank boxes from the item provided. For more information.Fill-in-the-blank for more information.



Sorting by dragging and dropping items in the correct sequence. Ranking or ordering. For more information. Sequencing for more information.



Matching the correct answers with each question by moving the items. For more information. Matching


Pull-down menu

Pull-down menu questions are questions in which the answer is selected from a pull-down list inserted in the question text. For more information. Pull-down menu


Typing in freely in response to a question sentence. For details, see Report/questionnaire


Multi-choice question (Image)

Choose one image of the correct answer from multiple choices. A maximum of two rows of multiple choice questions can be displayed. For more informationMulti-choice question (Image)

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