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How to set the option value

Put the following at the beginning of the question text (quiz.txt) in the format "# attribute name:value".

#autoplay:true/false (In the case of ←true, the voice created by the text-to-speech function will be automatically played when the question is displayed.)

#use_number_type_for_input:true/false (←When the answer to a Short Answer question is a number, you can select "Other than numbers or numbers only".)

item name default value Description.
autoplay false The first audio file of each page is played automatically.
use_number_type_for_input false false: In short answer questions, you can enter non-numbers even if the answer is a number.
true: If the answer is a number in a short answer question, only numbers can be entered.
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5 x 5 = ?


Pick the outcast.


To create a question in tabular format, write "#format:table" at the beginning of the file, with the optional values on the second and subsequent lines, one by one.

A b C d e f
1 #format:table
2 #autoplay:true
3 #use_number_type_for_input:true
4 5 x 5 = ? sa: 25
5 -5x5=? sa: -25
6 Pick the outcast. sa: <> <> <> <>

Various optional values are available

You can create more flexible quizzes by setting optional values.
The list of optional items is list of optionsfor more information.