Features & Manuals

Features & Manuals

This is a quiz question creation tool that is compatible with PCs and smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Android).

Quiz formats
Multi-choice question (radio button)、.Selected questions (Quick mode)、.True/False、.Multi-MCQs question、.Short answer、.Short answer +
Multi short answers、.Fill-in-the-blank、.Sequencing、.Matching、.Pull-down menu、.Report/questionnaire、.Image selection questions (multiple choice)
time limit
Limit answer time
Questions by section
The questions are divided into several groups and a specified number of questions are given from each group. By dividing the questions into groups by difficulty level or by unit, you can avoid unevenness in the content of the questions.
Designation of the number of questions
You can specify the number of questions from the question set.

  • Randomization of question order: The questions will be given in a different order each time.
  • Randomization of choices: Prevents memorization of the correct answer in a position.
Resubmit questions you got wrong

  • Start attack button...Unanswered/studying/wrong questions will be shown. It cannot be used when the rate of attack reaches 100%.
  • Overcome Weakness ButtonWhen you reach 100%, 5 questions that you are not good at will be shown without limit, and the order of the questions will be in the order that the value of (correct answer - incorrect answer) is small.
  • Review button...Strategy rate 100% -> Available / All questions are randomized / There is no upper limit of %.
  • For more informationDescription of Master Modefor more information.

You can set an explanation for each question. You can also switch the message for each answer or choice.
Image & Sound
Images and sounds can be inserted into the question text and choices.
Supported Terminals
In addition to Windows PCs and Macs, the software is also compatible with iPhones, iPads, and various Android devices.
SCORM support
It is compatible with SCORM1.2 and SCORM2004, the standards for e-learning. It records not only the scores but also the answers to each question.
numerical support
Write mathematical expressions in LaTeX formatYou can do it. The formulas are converted to images, so they can be viewed in any browser without any problems.
character size change
character sizeYou can change the

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