• Recommended Environment

Recommended Environment

QuizGenerator is available in your browser. Please check the recommended environment before using the site.
Even when using the recommended environment, there is a possibility of display or function malfunctions depending on the combination of OS and browser, or browser settings. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

We do not guarantee the use of the site in an incognito or inPrivate window. We also do not guarantee the use of cookies or referrer-restricted browsers.
For the recommended environment for the e-learning system learningBOX, please contact us.recommended environment for learningBOX.

QuizGenerator is available when TLS1.2 is enabled.
Please use a PC when creating questions.

Recommended Environment List

  • For PC users

    OS (web) browser
    Windows Windows 10~. Latest version of Chrome
    Edge latest version
    Firefox latest version
    Mac macOS 12 (Monterey) ~ Latest version of Safari
    Latest version of Chrome
    Firefox latest version
    Chrome OS Latest version of Chrome
  • For smartphone and tablet users

    OS (web) browser
    Chrome OS Latest version of Chrome
    iPhone iOS15~ Latest version of Safari
    iPad iPadOS15~. Latest version of Safari
    Smart Phone
    Android 9.0 (Pie) ~ Latest version of Chrome

    *Only the learner function can be used on smartphones and tablets. Please use a PC when creating questions.

Text Editor and Spreadsheet Software

Text editor TeraPad / Hidemaru Editor / Sakura Editor (Windows) / Atom / Vim / Visual Studio Code
Spreadsheet software Google Spreadsheet / Apache OpenOffice Calc / LibreOffice calc / Microsoft Excel 2007 or later / Numbers (Mac)