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License Purchase Information

License use is available for 22,000 yen per year

The quiz player screen.
according to your preference
Let's "customize.

When you purchase a license of QuizGenerator, you can change the quiz player design and the wording in the system, and use Text-To-Speech feature without any limitation.
Buy a license and make your quiz more original!

Features available with license purchase

Text_Let's make your own original design

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Functions availablesquare bracket 02

Buy a license and make your quiz more original!


To the screen with originality!
Player design changes

If you purchase a license, you can change the design of the player screen with CSS and JavaScript!

The design of QuizGenerator consists of HTML (index.html) and style sheet (css/style.css), and you can change it freely according to your taste.
The credit display will also be hidden.

We can customize it for you!

For customization, we can develop your original design for an additional fee. For more informationContact UsPlease.

Comparison of licensed and unlicensed displays


And the choice of words to suit the user!
Change the language in the system

You can change the words of "Buttons" and "Result Screen" displayed on the player screen of the quiz.

You can change hiragana for children and choose words that match your company's colors, so you can brush up the screen to make it easier to use for your users.


You could easily make up some listening questions!
Speech synthesis function

You can use Text-To-Speech function without limitation, and it can be used for language education.
We don't need to record our own audio, so we can save time and effort in creating listening questions.

You can use the Text-To-Speech function without the license, but there is a limit to the number of Text-To-Speech functions you can use.

List of supported languages

English Portuguese French Dutch German, etc.

Challenge the quiz using the text-to-speech function!

Operating a PC Screen image of learningBOX

QuizGenerator license is
Learning management system【learningBOX】.
You can also use it

square brackets 01About Purchasesquare bracket 02

You can still use the software without a license, but please consider purchasing a license for commercial use.


License Selection

First, please select a license plan from the purchase page.


Payment of expenses

You can choose between two payment methods: paypal and bank transfer.


License Arrival

The license will be sent to your registered email address.


Start using

You can use it as soon as you receive the license. How to use the licensethis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker).

If you have a subscription to learningBOX, you can purchase a license from learningBOX. If you wish to do so, please contactThis page for more information.

License Sales Price

1 month license
5,500 yen(Tax included)
1 year license
22,000 yen(Tax included)



Do I need more than one license if I use it with more than one person?


The license is one license key per business organization. It does not matter how many people are in your organization or how many users you have.


When the license expires, does the player screen return to normal?

Even if the license expires, you can use the player screen once exported forever.

square brackets 01The license function
How to Createsquare bracket 02

Here is how to use the software after purchasing a license.

Design can be changed

Adaptation of original CSS and JS

You can change the color and design of the quiz player by adapting the original CSS and JS.

You can change the wording.

Change the wording in the system

You can change the words of "Buttons" and "Result Screen" displayed on the player screen of the quiz.

Voice can be synthesized

Speech synthesis function

This is a function where the machine changes sentences and words specified by the customer into a realistic voice and reads the text out loud.

I can set up a license.

Setting up a license

This section explains how to set up a license key for using a license with learningBOX.